Album Review Spinning Coin - Permo

There’s definitely a certain amount of looking back.

Spinning Coin - Permo

Spinning Coin’s heritage is easily traced. Channelling the indie-pop of their hometown Glasgow from the ‘80s and onwards, there’s definitely a certain amount of looking back on debut album ‘Permo’, full of jangly hooks. That doesn’t make it any less fresh though, and emerging from the city’s increasingly strong DIY scene, the record is a first full effort bustling with ideas, characterised by the dual voices of Sean Armstrong and Jack Mellin. Sean’s voice is a tender, swaying one, while Jack packs more punch, and brings urgent stabs of guitar.

It’s a duality that stops ‘Permo’ from becoming drawn out or one-dimensional, and the pair of voices feel like they’re working together towards a common goal rather than battling it out. Opener ‘Raining On Hope Street’ is a gorgeous attempt at lifting hope from a hopeless situation, while its follow-up ‘Tin’ ushers Mellin into the album with a scrappy thrash that’s darkened by a creepy, minor chorus.


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