Watch: Fenne Lily shares a new video for ‘Three Oh Nine’

She takes a bit of a unique approach to finding closure at the end of a relationship.

Back in September, after releasing a string of tracks such as ‘Bud’ and ‘What’s Good’, as well as teaming up with Aldous Harding and Oliver Wilde, Bristol folk singer-songwriter Fenne Lily shared her latest single ‘Three Oh Nine’.

The live favourite continued to place her vocals and songwriting centre-stage, but gave her sound even more fullness with a bigger band sound. Now the single has a new video, her second with production duo Old Rope Films. It sees her taking a pretty unusual approach to finding closure at the end of a relationship, taking old items like pillows and a manikin arm and having at them with a baseball bat. It certainly looks quite cathartic.

Speaking of the video, Fenne said: “Heartbreak walks hand in hand with an anger and a madness that I felt I had to address. The video for ‘Three Oh Nine’ was borne out of fury, not defeat. It’s an ode to the post break up ‘f*** you’.”

On Thursday (23rd November), Fenne will be a special guest to Novo Amor and Ed Tullett at London’s Shoreditch Town Hall.

Watch the video for ‘Three Oh Nine’ below.


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