Watch: Dirty Projectors share a new video for ‘Up In Hudson’

Things get a little bit surreal in their latest clip.

Back in February, Dirty Projectors released their latest, self-titled album and now, almost ten months down the line, they’ve shared a new video for ‘Up In Hudson’.

It’s been created in collaboration with the film and animation studio Encyclopedia Pictura, and is set in a vibrant universe where everyone has quite a large nose. Aside from the prosthetic noses though, the clip tracks different people in various situations, weaving through their lives.

As reported by Pitchfork, the studio said: “Through four very different couples, the arc of a relationship is portrayed in its stages of growth, death, and rebirth. To unite our characters as we weave through their stories, we tried to present their vulnerabilities in a surreal way, right on the surface, in their faces”.

Earlier in the year we talked to Dirty Projectors all about their latest album. Catch up here.

Watch the video for ‘Up In Hudson’ below.

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