Cover girl: Charli XCX has covered Wolf Alice’s ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’

Photo: Emma Swann

It’s, er… different?

Offering up one of the more bizarre cover versions of recent months, Charli XCX has popped onto Aussie station Triple J’s Like A Version to dish up her take on Wolf Alice’s giddy love song ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’.

Turning the stream of consciousness epic into a highly auto-tuned pop number, the result is, er… interesting? You can’t really hear any of the lyrics, and Ellie’s doe-eyed sentiments come off more like a cold-hearted ice queen in the hands of our Char, but hey - you cannot fault the originality of it all.

It’s also a highly appropriate track for the singer - who also announced her latest mixtape ‘Pop 2’ today - to be tackling. After all, if you deleted the kisses from XCX, she’d just be Charli C.

Listen to the cover below.


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