On repeat Youth Sector unveil the fizzing stomp of new single ‘Dig It And Repeat’

The Brighton quartet previously played DIY’s Class of 2018 launch in December

Still feeling fuzzy after a fortnight spent shovelling down Quality Streets in bed? Consider this the aural shock needed to jump start your year into far more exciting realms.

Having opened up for Goat Girl, Our Girl and King Nun at DIY’s Class of 2018 launch, Brighton quartet Youth Sector have now unveiled a tightly-coiled statement of intent in the form of ‘Dig It and Repeat’.

Part Hives-esque howling stomp, part 80s New York indie disco, it’s an art-rock slammer plugged into the mains. Remember those mid-00s boys that refused to take off their blazers even in the midst of the most frenetic dancefloor mosh? Yeah, they’ll be keen.

Listen to ‘Dig It and Repeat’ below and catch the band at London’s Old Blue Last next Saturday (January 13).

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