Islands in the stream: Grimes shares five new playlists

They’re full of “just ‘at home’ vibes”.

Remember last year when Grimes took a little bit of time out from making her follow-up to ‘Art Angels’ just to drop a playlist featuring some of her favourite tunes? Well now she’s at it again!

Instead of just a single playlist though, now there’s a whole wealth of them – five, to be precise! Yep, Claire Boucher’s gone and dropped a quintet of playlists to suit every mood. There’s ‘Just A Rat In A Cage’, which features Marilyn Manson and Princess Nokia, ‘depression’ (“self-explanatory”), that has Nine Inch Nails and Elliott Smith on it and even a playlist to listen to while playing ‘Bloodborne’ (Burial is apparently very good for helping to keep your concentration in the ‘Dark Souls’ spin-off).

On Twitter she said: “v casual, but makin some personal playlistzts public cuz I y not. not heavily curated, just ‘at home’ vibes”.

Listen to all of Grimes’ new playlists below.

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