Album Review First Aid Kit - Ruins

A band on the move.

First Aid Kit - Ruins

With standalone single ‘You Are The Problem Here’ - released earlier this year - First Aid Kit showed true anger for the first time. A vicious response to a sexual assault case at Stanford university and rape culture in general, it showed a whole new side to Klara and Johanna Söderberg. Fourth album ‘Ruins’ dials back the bite a little, but still presents a band on the move. Single ‘It’s A Shame’ is a blustery, melancholic cut that showcases the pair’s harmonies better than ever, followed by the idyllic ‘Postcard’. Opener ‘Rebel Heart’ builds on some of the band’s new-found anger and self-analysation. An album that unravels with each listen, ‘Ruins’ shows that First Aid Kit have a lot more to offer.


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