Album Review Stef Chura - Messes

Stef Chura - Messes

A propulsive, brilliantly catchy indie-rock record.


A sleeper hit now picked up by Saddle Creek for a reissue ahead of the singer’s second full-length, Stef Chura’s debut ‘Messes’ is a propulsive, brilliantly catchy indie-rock record. Highlight ‘You’ showcases the Detroit singer’s way around a melody, and there are sumptuous choruses littered across the record. It’s the singer’s voice that really makes ‘Messes’ special though, a spiky, unpredictable beast that feels fresh, and is shown best on the gorgeous ‘Slow Motion’ and angry ‘On And Off For You’. ‘Messes’ sets up a potentially brilliant path for Stef Chura to continue along.

Albums of 2020: Shame

Albums of 2020: Shame

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