Watch Paramore channel local TV in ‘Rose Colored Boy’ video

The trio have upped the ante for the rest of 2018, tbh.

If you’ve ever been lucky - or unlucky, perhaps - to catch a local US TV channel on any stays Stateside, you’ll have noticed just how chirpy the presenters are - and how the random nature of some guests well and truly puts our own One Show to shame.

Well, so have Paramore, and their video for ‘After Laughter’ cut ‘Rose Colored Boy’ channels all this and more, in glorious ‘80s style (we can’t quite work out if there’s more blusher on Hayley’s face or shades of brown on Taylor and Zac’s outfits, tbh).

Read our May 2017 cover feature with Paramore here, or perhaps look back at that O2 Arena headline show from early last month.

Watch ‘Rose Colored Boy’ below.

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