Album Review Turnstile - Time &; Space

Turnstile - Time & Space

A comprehensive thrash.


Across a series of EPs and debut full-length ‘Nonstop Feeling’, Baltimore’s Turnstile have made a name as one of the most exciting hardcore bands on the planet. Second offering ‘Time & Space’ hammers the point home, and is a huge hammer-blow.

A world of influences, peppered with interludes and tangents, ‘Time & Space’ defies expectations at every turn. For a start, there’s a production credit for Diplo (Diplo!) on the ferocious ‘Right To Be’, adding swells of spiky electronics to its conclusion, while Sheer Mag’s Tina Halliday lends backing vocals to ‘Moon’. Complete with the spacey interludes of ‘Bomb’ and ‘Disco’, ‘Time & Space’ melts styles together perfectly.

Elsewhere, ‘High Pressure’ is a storming, sub-two-minute highlight, its chorus defined by forceful stabs of piano that are unstoppable. Sneaking under the half-hour mark, ‘Time & Space’ is a comprehensive thrash that places Turnstile as the most inventive, forward-thinking band in hardcore.