Watch: Westerman shares a new video for ‘Confirmation’

Westerman shares a new video for ‘Confirmation’

It puts across “otherness, impulsiveness and escapism”.

A couple of weeks ago, London-based Westerman returned with ‘Confirmation’, a track that balanced his own thoughtful writing style with pop sensibilities and slightly twisted melodies. At the time, he said that: “It’s a self critique as well as an exploration of a wider point regarding the debilitating risks of having too many things going on internally and externally”.

Now he’s back with a video for the single, which has been directed by Jonjo Lowe. It almost presents two different sides to one narrative as Westerman himself, who just happens to be a purple man, goes shopping in a store but, after he spills a bunch of sweets on to the floor, we enter the purple man’s own realm.

Speaking of the video, Westerman said: “We tried to put across otherness, impulsiveness and escapism. These are concepts I associate with, so I tried to make it a bit more of a personal thing than what I’ve done before. I hope it’s playful and fun too”.

Watch the video for ‘Confirmation’ below.

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