Alvvays here for you: Alvvays share three brand new ‘Antisocialites’ b-sides

‘Pecking Order’ ‘Supine Equine’ and ‘Echolalia​’ all appear on a merch stand cassette.

Marking themselves out as the champions of sneakiness, Alvvays have quietly released three new b-sides.

‘Pecking Order’ ‘Supine Equine’ and ‘Echolalia’ all appear on a cassette tape they’ve been selling on their European tour merch desk, the crafty legends. All three songs surfaced online today on Reddit.

Hazy and shimmering, the surprise slices of new music are very much in keeping with their ace last album. Read our 5 star review of ‘Antisocialites’here, and read our feature with Alvvays too, while you’re at it.

We reached out to a representative of the band, who confirmed to DIY that the tracks are genuine and are new Alvvays b-sides from ‘Antisocialites’.

Listen to them below.


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