Listen: Julian Casablancas’ The Voidz reveal glitchy new track ‘All Wordz Are Made Up’

It’s a typically unexpected move from Team JC.

Never one to bow to expectation, Julian Casablancas has spent his time with side project The Voidz pitching things as far away from The Strokes’ hook laden indie gems as possible. From careering computer game electronics to mad prog, his second band is one you’d never dare to second guess.

Now, ahead of second album ‘Virtue’ (due March 30th via Cult Records), The Voidz have unveiled new track ‘All Wordz Are Made Up’. And guess what, kids? It’s pretty fucking weird!

Part percussive glitchy understatement, it starts with mumbled verses before launching into a big 80s pop chorus that could literally be out of a Lionel Richie song and then disintegrates into a discordant tumble of electronic vocal effects. What does it mean? Who knows. What’s going on in Julian’s head? Your guess is as good as ours. Is it any good? Actually yeah.

Listen below.


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