Listen Shamir surprise-releases new album ‘Resolution’

Shamir surprise-releases new album ‘Resolution’

His newest full-length follows on from his two 2017 albums ‘Hope and ‘Revelations’.

Ahead of his appearance at next week’s SXSW, the ever-productive Shamir has surprise-released a new album titled ‘Resolution’.

His latest full-length follows on his previous two records ‘Hope’ and ‘Revelations’, both of which were released last year. While ‘Hope’ was self-released in April, ‘Revelations’ arrived via Father/Daughter Records last November.

His latest effort is eight tracks in length, and the tracklisting is as follows.

1. I Can’t Breathe
2. 10/11
3. Panic
4. Dead Inside
5. The Things You Loved
6. Glass
7. Sanity
8. Larry Clark

Not only has he shared a new album, he’s also released his two-track EP ‘Room’. Phew!

Listen to ‘Resolution’ below via Bandcamp and read our feature with Shamir from last year here.

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