Listen: Hop Along share new track ‘Prior Things’

Hop Along share new track ‘Prior Things’

Their new album ‘Bark Your Head Off, Dog’ is out next week!

Philadelphia’s Hop Along are gearing up to release their new album ‘Bark Your Head Off, Dog’. And there’s not long to wait either! It’s out on 6th April - that’s next Friday! Hurrah!

So far the group have aired two tracks from the collection: opener ‘How Simple’ and ‘Not Abel’. Now, with the album just a stone’s throw away, they’ve shared the album’s closer, ‘Prior Things’. It explores a relationship that was never meant to be. Rather than seeming overly bitter though, it’s wrapped up in a wave of chamber-pop strings and strident guitar riffs, anchored by Frances Quinlan’s powerhouse vocals.

Speaking of some of the concepts behind the record at the time of its announcement, Frances said: “By thinking you’re powerless, you’re really robbing yourself. I’m at a point in my life where I’m saying instead, ‘Well, what can I do?’”

Listen to ‘Prior Things’ below.

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