Listen: Westerman shares new track ‘I Turned Away’

Westerman shares new track ‘I Turned Away’

It’s the flipside to ‘Confirmation’.

Back in February, London-based Westerman put out a video for his track ‘Confirmation’, a “self critique as well as an exploration of a wider point regarding the debilitating risks of having too many things going on internally and externally”.

He’s now shared ‘I Turned Away’, the flipside to ‘Confirmation’. It was recorded in a single take, giving it a bit of a minimal yet rough and raw edge while still maintaining the slightly warped atmosphere that Westerman has become adept at. It focuses on mirages and explores the idea that something you might have thought to be there was really just an impression.

Westerman is headlining The Shacklewell Arms in London on Wednesday 11th April. Tickets are on sale now.

Listen to ‘I Turned Away’ below.

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