On the telly: Watch The Voidz play ‘QYURRYUS’ on Corden

They hit American telly ahead of the release of ‘Virtue’.

Tomorrow (30th March) The Voidz are set to release their new album ‘Virtue’, and they’ve already shared a clutch of tracks from it, including ‘Wink’, ‘Pointlessness’ and ‘Leave It My Dreams’.

Recently on American telly though, they brought out another one of their teaser tracks from the record, ‘QYURRYUS’. They were musical guests on James Corden’s ‘Late Late Show’ and, bathed in black and yellow and getting surrounded by some dry ice effects, they swaggered through a confident performance of the psychedelic number.

As Stereogum reports, in an interview with Corden, Julian Casablancas also gave a little bit of insight into the spelling of the track’s name. “I think it’s like a philosophical mocking of all language”, he said. The more you know…

Watch The Voidz play ‘QYURRYUS’ below.


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