Interview: ALASKALASKA look forward to Liverpool Sound City: “Keep your ears peeled for some new music!”

The South London band will be playing the DIY stage at the festival this weekend.

Bringing together a range of tones, genres and moods under their alt-pop banner, South London six-piece ALASKALASKA have made a name for themselves across the capital with their unique sound.

Now after the release of their debut EP late last year and the release of their recent single ‘Meateater’, the band are set to play the DIY stage this weekend alongside King Nun, Sorry, Yellow Days and more.

We had a quick chat with them ahead of their show.

What’s new in the world of ALASKALASKA?

Lucinda John-Duarte (vocals): We’ve been having a productive albeit elusive winter. Keep your ears peeled for some new music - we’re releasing a single in April! We’ve been working on a whole new set of songs and sounds with spring festivals round the corner and a tour with Nilüfer Yanya coming up.

Our good friends Mellah have been building us a studio share across the hall that’s due to be finished in the next week so lots of positive exciting things on the horizon!

Are you looking forward to festival season? Do you have much planned?

Lucinda: It’s been a quiet few months for us live-wise so we are eager to crack on. To start with we’ll be playing at Live at Leeds, Sound City and The Great Escape in May.

Fraser Rieley (bass): I’m planning on hanging out with all my best budz on tour, watching as many bands as possible and generally enjoying myself.

Have you played in Liverpool previously? If so, how was it, and if not, how are you looking forward to it?

Fraser: This will actually be our first time playing in Liverpool. I haven’t played there since I lived nearby when I was 17, when the o2 was the Carling Academy and the Baltic Triangle didn’t exist, so it’ll be nice to come back to see what’s changed and show the band the sights.

You’re playing Sound City - what’s your favourite sound(s)?

Fraser: Freshly cut grass. Or seagulls.

Lucinda: A pitching ice cream truck for me, hands down.

ALASKALASKA play Liverpool Sound City this weekend (5th-6th May). You can buy tickets now here.

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