Listen: Drenge are back with new single ‘This Dance’

It’s the band’s first new material in nearly three years.

Drenge are back! After heading out on their Grand Reopening tour across the UK last month, the band have shared new single ‘This Dance’.

The track is their first since ‘Undertow’, their five star-rated second album from 2015.

Talking about the track, Eoin Loveless says: “We sat in a tiny bedroom with a fizzing guitar line, programming some beats into a computer. It was different to how we usually worked. We went to a wedding, and like all weddings, we ended up on the dance floor, belting out 80s chart hits like we were on the barrier at a Slayer concert. Our arms and legs collided with each others, with our friends and with complete strangers. Dance like nobody’s watching and then hope they don’t call the police.

“I watched The Thing and thought about what would happen if Kurt Russell’s MacReady spent the movie fighting off the extraterrestrial organisms with tunes instead of guns. I thought about all the nightclubs I’d never be allowed to go in or would be too scared to enter. I let it manifest into the lyrics of the song, like the monsters in The Thing.”

Re-visit our review of Drenge’s recent London show here, and listen to ‘This Dance’ below.

Photo: Emma Swann / DIY


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