Listen HEALTH team up with Soccer Mommy for ‘Mass Grave’

HEALTH team up with Soccer Mommy for ‘Mass Grave’

The track is produced by Purity Ring’s Corin Riddick.

“The annals of music history are filled with a rich tradition of trios. Crosby, Stills, & Nash… Emerson, Lake, and Palmer… Lennon, McCartney, and that other guy… And now Soccer Mommy, the guy from Purity Ring, and HEALTH. We give you ‘MASS GRAVE.’” Say renowned noise-makers HEALTH of their new track, as they describe here, a collaboration with singer-songwriter Soccer Mommy and Corin Riddick from synth-pop fiends Purity Ring.

It’s the first original new music from the Los Angeles band since last year’s work with NOLIFE, ‘Hard To Be A God’ and 2015’s ‘Death Magic’.

“I really enjoyed getting to work with the guys from HEALTH on this song. It’s one of the first features I’ve ever done and I love the finished product. It has a kind of apathetic sadness to it that I was really drawn to.” adds Soccer Mommy - aka Sophie Allison - of the song.

Listen to ‘Mass Grave’ below.

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