Watch Jorja Smith reveals video for ‘On Your Own’

Jorja Smith reveals video for ‘On Your Own’

A new visual from Jorja’s debut album ‘Lost and Found’.

Jorja Smith has shared the video for ‘On Your Own’!

In the video, we see a woman reading a book titled ‘Jorja Smith’, inside the pages of which is series of collages of photos and videos of Jorja performing the track.

Explaining the concept of the video, director Rashid Babiker said: “Before Jorja even asked me to come up with a concept for “On Your Own”, as a thought experiment I was imagining books, the hardback clothbound ones, being retrofitted into interactive photobooks, or video books sometime in the future when print is in the terminal stages of obsolescence…

To stage it in a way fitting for the song I channelled imagined-nostalgia from the perspective of a girl, a fan of Jorja, who’s living in an intentionally anachronistic world where these videobooks exist and cassettes are the new, old vinyl of today. Even with the nondescript time period, from the year markings in the book you can determine the book is from Jorja’s “lost & found” period and the world is set a bit further into the future.”

It comes ahead of tonight’s Hyundai Mercury Prize ceremony, where Jorja’s debut album ‘Lost and Found’ has been shortlisted for this year’s Album of the Year title.

You can watch the video below.

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