Listen Grimes has written the theme tune for a new Netflix series

It’s based on a comic book series called Hilda.

Earlier this year Grimes was busy dropping hints of a new album by sharing a potential tracklist and some clips of new music. But the latest track from Grimes is, well, not exactly new music in the way we might have thought.

Grimes has unveiled a new theme tune she’s written for a new Netflix series called ‘Hilda’, which is based on the comic of the same name by illustrator Luke Pearson and animated by Mercury Filmworks. The series draws on Scandinavian folklore and follows the story of a blue-haired girl who goes on adventures and encounters a range of supernatural creatures.

Claire Boucher has soundtracked the opening sequence of the series with a bubblegum, alt-pop track that’s unmistakably Grimes. Listen to the track and watch the trailer for the series below.

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