Listen Titus Andronicus release surprise new EP ‘Home Alone On Halloween’

Titus Andronicus release surprise new EP 'Home Alone On Halloween'

It features a cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘Only a Hobo’ and a reimagining of ‘Home Alone’

Titus Andronicus have surprise dropped a brand new EP! Appropriately-titled for the season, it’s called ‘Home Alone On Halloween’ and includes three tracks: a rework of the track ‘Home Alone’ from this year’s studio album ‘A Productive Cough’, a cover of Bob Dylan track ‘Only A Hobo’ and a 17-minute (!) closing track ‘A Letter Home’.

For anyone in need of some extra cheer in your life this Tuesday, frontman Patrick Stickles explained the meaning behind in EP in a statement. “Death is not scary,” he said. “Everyone has to die, but not everyone gets to die surrounded by love with the satisfaction of a life well-lived. What frightens me, far more than ghouls or goblins, is knowing that I may yet face the former without the comfort of the latter.”

If you’re not too overcome with existential dread, you can listen to the EP below.

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