Album Review Connan Mockasin - Jassbusters

The album of a musician who knows what he wants and more importantly how to get it.

Connan Mockasin - Jassbusters

In the last five years, Connan Mockasin has worked with Charlotte Gainsbourg, formed Soft Hair and toured the world. Now he’s changed his blueprint for his solo work. ‘Jassbusters’ is his most classic-sounding to date.

Highlight ‘Charlotte’s Thong’ opens with a melancholic solo, Connan channelling epic levels of ‘70s guitar serenading. The MOR vibes continue throughout, but they are never as pronounced as on the opener.

‘Jassbusters’ is the first album that he’s has recorded live. It took just a week, and this comes across as ‘Con Conn was Impatient’, ‘Sexy Man’ and the album closer ‘Les Be Honest’ have a playful immediacy.

Gone are the wonky workouts of ‘Please Turn Me in the Snat / Forever Dolphin Love’ and the carnal callisthenics of ‘Caramel’, but they’ve been replaced with deep grooves, gloomy solos and delicate melodies. ‘Jassbusters’ is the album of a musician who has been around the block a bit, knows what he wants and more importantly how to get it.


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