Album Review Steady Holiday - Nobody’s Watching

Steady Holiday - Nobody’s Watching

Both otherworldly and unsettling.


Steady Holiday - the indie-pop project of LA’s Dre Babinski - tackled an exploration of the personal in her first album ‘Under The Influence’ when it was released two years ago, but for its follow-up ‘Nobody’s Watching’, she takes a step outside of her own mind. A concept album, each track is based around different characters who try and escape, or otherwise get sucked into, greed, fear and self-interest. The result is a dream-like, hazy dive into nostalgia that, at times, sounds almost like a score for a film set at some undefined point several decades ago, with Dre’s featherlight voice floating over arrangements of piano, strings and synths. It creates a sense of both familiarity and distance, and with it, becomes a record that seems both otherworldly and unsettling.