Watch Death Cab For Cutie play ‘Transatlanticism’ in full to mark its 15th birthday

Death Cab For Cutie play ‘Transatlanticism’ in full to mark its 15th birthday

The band played the 2003 album in its entirety in Chicago last night.

Death Cab For Cutie have played the whole of their 2003 album ‘Transatlanticism’ to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the record.

According to the setlist the band posted to their Instagram, they played five songs before playing the entirety of the album in chronological order on exactly fifteen years to the day that it was initially released.

“Chicago, thank you for helping us throw a surprise 15th birthday party for Transatlanticism”, they wrote. “We can’t think of a better place to have done it. Thank you for always showing up for us.”

The band released their latest album ‘Thank You For Today’ back in August. Speaking about the record to DIY, the band’s Ben Gibbard explained: “If we were sitting here and this was not 2018 but 2025, if we had gone through six or seven producers and multiple collaborators, and we made a shit pile of a record, y’know, we’d probably be thinking that we should hang this up, it’s not working anymore. [But] I’m really happy with how this album’s turned out and I’m feeling fairly confident that there are a number of songs on this record which will remind people why they liked or loved the band in the first place. I feel like this record is more in tune with the spirit of the first four albums than the last two, or even three.”

See footage of the show by swiping through the band’s post below or scroll down for fan-filmed footage of the show.

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