Listen Grimes appears on Poppy’s new single ‘Play Destroy’

The collaborations keep coming for Claire Boucher!

Grimes, we assume, is busy working on her new album, the follow-up to 2015’s ‘Art Angels’. She’s shared a potential tracklist and some clips of new music, as well as announcing that she’s written the theme tune to new Netflix series Hilda.

If that wasn’t enough, Claire Boucher then teamed up with former Mindless Self Indulgence frontman Jimmy Urine on a track for his new project EURINGER(!), and revealed she’d be guesting on the new Bring Me The Horizon album(!!).

Always time for one more collaboration though, eh Claire? Grimes has popped up on ‘Play Destroy’, a song from pop star Poppy’s new album ‘Am I a Girl?’.

Listen to the track below, and, we’re sure, expect more from Grimes very soon!

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