Listen Sigur RósJónsi announces ‘Frakkur 2000-2004’ release

It’s a trio of ‘lost’ albums from the frontman.

Sigur RósJónsi has announced the release of a trio of previously thought lost electronic albums.

Frakkur 2000-2004’ will be released next week, on 23rd November. Made of three records: ‘2000-2001’, ‘2002-2003’ and ‘2003-2004’, the collection was previously thought lost, after the hard drive on which they were stored was corrupted.

But, thanks to Jónsi’s partner, Alex Somers, and his no-doubt excitedly sharing the work on CD-Rs with pals in and around Boston way back when, they’re not lost any more.

Listen to ‘SFTLB2’ from the release below.


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