EP Review Sunflower Bean - King of the Dudes

Truly fantastic.

Sunflower Bean - King of the Dudes

‘Twentytwo In Blue’ saw Sunflower Bean take their promising debut ‘Human Ceremony’ and add buckets of riffs, ‘80s throwbacks and a new-found glitz and glam. All of this is pushed to its limit on surprise new EP ‘King Of The Dudes’. “Twentytwo In Blue allowed us to find our strength,” they’ve said of the new effort, “and on King Of The Dudes we use it, no holds barred.”

“I know what I want and I know how to get it / I won’t let you stand in my way,” growls Julia Cumming seconds into the opening title track, following a flouncy, Thin Lizzy-esque guitar lick from Nick Kivlen hammering home the intention. It’s followed by single ‘Come For Me’, a huge, unashamedly in-your-face radio-friendly thrash, and by the time the taut, intoxicating Ramones-like helter-skelter of ‘The Big One’ closes the EP, Sunflower Bean have put their stamp down as a trio of future superstars.

Over four songs and just twelve minutes, it packs enough punch to inspire air guitar, desk drumming, shower singing and wanting to start a band just so you can try and shred like these three. Truly fantastic.


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