Listen VANT returns with new single ‘thank lucifer’

VANT return with new single ‘thank lucifer’

It’s their first single since 2017.

VANT have returned with a new single.

‘thank lucifer’ is their first single since 2017 - and comes ahead of next week’s announcement of new live dates.

“3 years ago I wrote some songs, put a band together, went out, played lots of shows and met some incredible people,” explains Mattie Vant. “I went missing for a while, I got a little lost and I’m not really sure if I’ve ‘found’ myself or for that matter if I ever truly will. What I do know is, I’ve written some new songs, put a band together and soon, I will go out and play lots of shows in the hope of finding more incredible people and maybe, one day, myself.”

Read our interview with them as featured in the February 2017 issue of DIY here.

Listen to ‘thank lucifer’ below.


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