News? Frank Ocean is back to his obtuse ways

“Here For The Beans” is presumably not about Heinz’s varieties.

If there’s a man who loves being all mysterious and having the Internet’s sad boys (TM) all fluttering with excitement and sentiments like ‘BUT WHAT COULD HE *POSSIBLY* MEAN?!’, it’s Frank Ocean. After all, he’s a guy who spent an inordinate amount of time building a completely useless staircase in a needlessly massive warehouse space for… what was it again?

ANYWAY, he’s back to his teasing ways, as a message on his Tumblr (obv) reads “MARCH 1ST ..SOLANA + KL + ANDRE HERE FOR THE BEANS”.

Frank Ocean is back to his obtuse ways

Solána is SZA’s first name, André is possibly numbered OutKast star 3000, and KL quite possibly Kendrick Lamar. Or Kenny Loggins. Who could say?

It’s not that long until 1st March anyway. Now, who’s up for beans on toast?

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