Listen Pet Shop Boys release four-track EP ‘Agenda’

Pet Shop Boys release four-track EP ‘Agenda’

The tracks have been shared throughout the week.

Pet Shop Boys have released a new four-track EP.

‘Agenda’ features songs not destined for any future albums, and which have been shared throughout the week.

As vocalist Neil Tennant explains, there are “three satirical songs and one rather sad song – but they all have, broadly speaking, political themes. I think it’s because of the times we’re living through.”

‘Give Stupidity A Chance’ is a satirical song about the poor quality of political leadership in the modern world…. Obviously, it’s all meant ironically but I think it sums up quite a lot.”

‘On Social Media’ it (obviously, given the title) goes through all of the issues one might have about social media.”

‘What Are We Going To Do About The Rich?’ “was written as a lyric as a sort of mock-protest song,” says Neil, with bandmate Chris Lowe adding: “We’re talking about very rich… the ones that don’t pay any tax.”

‘The Forgotten Child’ meanwhile “is not satirical but it’s got a political theme. It’s sort of got two things going on. It’s kind of about a refugee who’s gone missing while fleeing for safety with her family. And there’s sort of a point being made that maybe we’ve all forgotten something about human values…That maybe there’s something being lost, and it’s summed up by the idea of the innocence of the child.”

Listen below:

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