Album Review Queen Zee - Queen Zee

A riotous and, at times, hilarious debut.

Queen Zee - Queen Zee

‘Loner’ opens Queen Zee’s self-titled debut with chugging guitars and infectious sing-a-long lyrics. ‘Sissy Fists’ is a standout moment; as maelstroms of guitars and brutal bass lines swirl around, the lyrics get more frantic and terse until a feeling of paranoia and unease permeates its very core.. ‘Idle Crown’ slows things down a bit, but not much. However on ‘Anxiety’ Queen Zee do eventually strip everything back and deliver something that shows they have a softer, more vulnerable side.

‘Queen Zee’ is a riotous and, at times, hilarious debut. Chock-full of spiky riffs and even more spiky lyrics (“Don’t you think he looks like Kurt Cobain? / I said more like Courtney Love when she went insane”) it’s effectively the sound of a band having a blast and not giving a shit if you like it or not. At times it is obnoxious, like all good punk should be, but it is also charming where it needs to be. The jokes are crass but funny and the music loud and brash. Isn’t that ultimately the point?


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