Stick yer oar in Liam Gallagher wants you to choose the Oasis songs he plays on his upcoming tour

Photo: Emma Swann

“Rite brothers n sisters need your help”

Liam Gallagher is heading out on a solo tour later this year, and he needs your help.

Taking to his infamous Twitter account, LG referenced the fact that certain pockets of fans have been unhappy with his choices of what Oasis songs he has been ‘covering’, and for the new tour, he wants them to choose themselves.

“Rite brothers n sisters need your help,” he wrote. “we’ll not really just thought I’d get you involved as your always banging on about how much I never interact with youse.”

He continued: “putting 5 new oasis songs in setlist you lucky fuckers can choose them of[f] you go LG x”

Despite the call, it seems he’s not too happy with certain submissions, tweeting: “Not having roll with it ya fuckers.”

Get your suggestions in below.


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