Neu Pick Tamu Massif contemplates mortality on the tranquil ‘Woolf’

Tamu Massif contemplates mortality on the tranquil 'Woolf'

The track - which precedes April and May live shows - is today’s Neu Pick.

Every weekday, DIY’s new music know-it-all Neu brings you one essential new release to get obsessed with. Today’s Neu Pick comes from Tamu Massif.

Tamu Massif is releasing his debut album ‘Little Death Summer’ at the end of the month, and its latest track is today’s Neu Pick.

The album comes out next Friday (29th March), and new single ‘Woolf’ is a gorgeous, tranquil preview of the record.

“‘Woolf’ feels like a really vivid song to me,” he says of the track. “It reminds me of cycling around an empty Weston late at night in summer with my best friend. Floating through salty warm air next to the dark sea. It’s based on a few conversations we had around that time and a fear that gripped me one night – a somewhat irrational fear that he might die. I say “somewhat irrational”. It’s quite normal to think about the death of your loved ones sometimes. It’s part of loving someone I think – that fear. It’s a reminder – to make the most of the time we do get.”

Though it deals with pretty heavy subject matter, the track floats along, punctuated by claps of percussion and samples which worm their way in and out, like the track is a back and forth conversation.

Listen to it and view the singer’s upcoming tour dates below.

20th April - Perranporth, UK - The Watering Hole
21st April - Falmouth, UK - The Gylly Beach Café
25th April - Brussels, BE - La Machine
26th April - Munich, DE - Zehner
27th April - Cologne, DE - Theater der Wohngemeinschaf
28th April - Muenster, DE - Pension Schmidt
29th April - Hamburg, DE - Nochtwache
1st May - Berlin, DE - Flux FM Bergfest
3rd-5th May - Liverpool - Liverpool Sound City
3rd-5th May - Leeds - Live at Leeds
3rd-5th May - Newcastle - Hit The North
7th May - Dublin, IE - Ruby Sessions
15th May - London, UK - The Islington
17th May - Birmingham, UK - Dark Horse

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