Sofi Tukker return with new single ‘Fantasy’

It’s the first taste of a second album from the pair.

Sofi Tukker have returned with new track ‘Fantasy’

The song is the first taste of a forthcoming second album from the pair, who released debut album ‘Treehouse’ last year.

The track comes with a video directed by Charles Todd. Of the video, the duo - Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern - say “We wanted the styling to reflect that we are on a completely different planet. We wanted it to mesh with the crazy colours of the fantasy world we created. Everything about the styles and colours and textures all contributes to building this other world.

We filmed the video in one of our favourite places in the world: Mexico. Mexico has a special meaning for us. It’s one of the first places we ever played and we really resonate with the people and the landscape. We got to go with some of our favourite people and filmmakers, Scheme Engine. We have been working with them a lot recently and they know us really well, so the whole process was collaborative and fun. Also, really physically challenging. WE DO ALL OUR OWN STUNTS!! The funniest part of the acting was probably Tucker flailing around in the water yelling “Sophie! Save me! Sophie!” We had to yell “act less” a lot at Tucker :P.”

Watch below.


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