Listen Abattoir Blues share final songs

Photo: Mike Massaro

‘Dwell’ and ‘What To Fix’ come ahead of the Brighton bunch’s last show, set for tomorrow night (29th March).

Back at the end of last year, DIY faves Abattoir Blues announced that they were to break up.

“We thought it was only right that we let you guys know that we’ve decided to call it a day,” they wrote at the time. “Over the last year or so we’ve all started to move away from the mindset of this band being a focal point and even though we’ve still all loved the few things we’ve done this year, now seems like an appropriate time to say goodbye.”

The band will play their final show at Brighton’s Green Door Store tomorrow night (29th March), and they’ve now shared their final two songs.

‘Dwell’ and ‘What To Fix’ are available to listen to on Bandcamp. Hear them below.

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