Neu Pick New Chess Club signing Phoebe Green emerges with the huge, entrancing ‘Dreaming Of’

New Chess Club signing Phoebe Green emerges with the huge, entrancing ‘Dreaming Of’

The new track is today’s Neu Pick.

New Chess Club signing Phoebe Green has a few things to say on debut single ‘Dreaming Of’.

“I don’t want to compromise myself for you,” she announces firmly on the huge, thunderous pop song, immediately stating her intent as a songwriter who knows exactly what she wants. This message then proceeds to be solidified in a simply gargantuan synth-pop chorus.

Explaining the track, the youngster says: “I think being a young person today it’s so easy to let the way others perceive you determine your self worth. The past few years I have felt the need to change the way I behave in order to appease others, to fit into a box and to be compliant.

“I no longer want to dumb myself down or be a lesser version of myself so that I’m easier to digest, and ‘Dreaming Of’ is a passive aggressive, sugarcoated representation of that.”

Phoebe Green supports Sundara Karma on select UK dates next month.

View the dates and listen to ‘Dreaming Of’ below.

02 Glasgow, Barrowlands
04 Nottingham, Rock City
05 Nottingham, Rock City
06 Manchester, Victoria Warehouse
08 Bristol, Academy
09 Sheffield, Academy

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