Watch Robyn unveils video for ‘Between The Lines’

Robyn unveils video for ‘Between The Lines’

It comes ahead of her European tour.

Ahead of a European tour which includes two nights at London’s Alexandra Palace, Robyn has shared a video for track ‘Between The Lines’.

“Robyn is one of my favourite artists to collaborate with and making this video with her allowed for a lot of playfulness in embracing the extremes of being in a place like Ibiza,” says director SSION. “The aggressive tackiness of tourist culture slapped up against the serene beach vibes… it reminded me of when I first started making videos on a mini dv camera - no pretense, DIY, run & gun… just being in the moment. We also wanted to keep the edit rude and leave in a lot of the in-camera audio of us giggling, talking & screaming- just a complete disregard for pop music video formalities to create something that feels very fun and alive.”

Read the October 2018 cover feature with Robyn here.

Watch below.

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