News Father John Misty has written a song for Khalid’s new album

Father John Misty has written a song for Khalid’s new album
Photo: Emma Swann

Khalid’s new album Free Spirit is out this Friday.

Khalid is releasing new album ‘Free Spirit’ this Friday and it features a song written by Father John Misty.

Discussing the new song, which is called ‘Heaven’, in an interview with Beats 1, Khalid called being offered the song a “Cinderella moment.”

“I would never pass on singing a Father John Misty song and putting that on my album ever,” he explained. “If Father John Misty is like, ‘Yo, here, look here’s this song, you want to sing it?’ I’m like, ‘Hell yeah I want to sing that.’”

Expanding on why he was so excited to be able to have the song for the album, he added: “One, he inspires me so much, so I feel like his voice, or my voice at least, is not too far off from his, because that’s a voice that I grew up with, and I sat with, and I lived with. I love that I got to take a song that he wrote and interpret it in the way that it makes me feel. I love that when I listen to it, I hear him on it. For me, that’s a present, that’s a gift. How many people do you know out there who can say that they’ve sang a song that Father John Misty has wrote? The fact that he looks to me and he’s like, ‘You’re going to do this song justice, and you’re going to sing this song the way that it should be sang.’ Amazing.”

Father John Misty released his latest album ‘God’s Favorite Customer’ last June. He’s heading on a co-headline tour with Jason Isbell this summer.

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