Watch Watch James Blake playing a stripped down version of ‘Assume Form’ for Spotify

Watch James Blake playing a stripped down version of 'Assume Form' for Spotify

The singer/producer teamed up with the streaming service for a fancy new piano session.

James Blake recently wrapped up a UK tour in support of his new album ‘Assume Form’.

Before he embarks on a summer of festivals, the singer has teamed up with Spotify for a short film around his new album, in which he performs a stripped-down piano version of the album’s title track.

“I feel as if the self imposed restrictions on what it was that I could do and where I could be are off. It’s like the floodgates opened and I just wanted to work and do everything,” James says of the new record.

“It sounds more comfortable, I think, in it’s own skin which I am and I think that that’s nice to hear but also nice to feel. I want to put good out into the world and do the best I can.”

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Watch the short film below.

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