Album Review Ten Tonnes - Ten Tonnes

A crisp collection of songs.

Ten Tonnes - Ten Tonnes

With his self-titled debut, Ten Tonnes more than delivers. Debut single ‘Lucy’ sounds as fresh as it did on first listen, swooping you up in adrenaline from the word go. On ‘Too Late’, dawn breaks gently before the sun shines on a chorus that will get arms in the air at festivals the world over, while the frantic ‘Silver Heat’ tells the tale of a complicated relationship, begging the person in question to “forget that boy, come on now drop it”. Centrepiece ‘Nights In, Nights Out’ examines the mundanity of staying in the same place for too long. Throughout the album he refines his rock ‘n’ roll flair, bringing about moments that wouldn’t sound out of place on an early Arctic Monkeys record. He manages this without once sounding too self-aware. This is a crisp collection of songs, and one that is sure to serve him well on the festival circuit come summer.


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