News Kaiser Chiefs announce new album ‘Duck’, share track ‘Record Collection’

The record is out this July.

Kaiser Chiefs have announced details of a new album.

‘Duck’, the group’s seventh studio album, will be released on 26th July.

“It’s undeniably fantastic and undeniably Kaiser Chiefs,” says frontman Ricky Wilson.

They’ve also shared a track from the album, ‘Record Collection’, of which he adds: “It’s a vibe. It’s about the internet and frustration with the internet, about how it rules our lives but we don’t really understand what it is and how we just click accept.”

The track listing is:

People Know How To Love One Another
Golden Oldies
Target Market
Don’t Just Stand There, Do Something
Record Collection
The Only Ones
Lucky Shirt
Electric Heart
Northern Holiday
Kurt vs Frasier (The Battle For Seattle)

Listen to ‘Record Collection’ below.


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Kaiser Chiefs - Duck

Kaiser Chiefs - Duck

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