Album Review Kim Petras - Clarity

A true millennial pop princess in waiting.

Kim Petras - Clarity

Known for her bright and bold pop, Kim Petras’ latest sees her leaving the bubblegum synths behind in favour of adorning her usual big hooks with sounds more reminiscent of hip hop and trap. ‘Clarity’ is definitely still a pop record, just dressed differently, pinballing between genres while maintaining her knack for melody and glittering soundscapes.

There’s no post-breakup emotion that hasn’t been scoured for melodies and rhythms and given the full pop treatment: from the dark pulse of ‘Icy’ and the resigned heartbreak of ‘Broken’, to the celebratory yet detached ‘Meet The Parents’. With a buoyant and self-aware use of slang that will have you opening up Urban Dictionary, paired with the one-track-per-week release schedule and the songs to back it up, Kim proves herself to be a true millennial pop princess in waiting.


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