Listen: Liam Gallagher shares the second taste of ‘Why Me? Why Not’ with new single ‘The River’

Liam’s come over all political on the second taste of his second album

Liam Gallagher has shared the second taste of his new album ‘Why Me? Why Not.’, with new single ‘The River’ that sees our kid getting political.

The track finds Liam calling out to the younger generation, his targets including “money-sucking MPs”, and, erm, “vacant celebrities”.

“I want the second album to be a step-up because the hardest thing to do is to make something the same, only better. So that’s what we’ve done,” says the humblest man in rock.

“It’s a better record than ‘As You Were’. Which is saying something, as that was epic, wasn’t it?”

It follows the record’s first single ‘Schockwave’, Liam’s first new music since his debut solo record ‘As You Were’.


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