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Festivals A chat with Milk Teeth ahead of their Mad Cool appearance

The Gloucestershire trio head to Madrid shortly after a tour with US rockers La Dispute - and before going full Gallagher. Vocalist Becky Blomfield tells us more.

With headline spots from Bon Iver, Smashing Pumpkins and The Cure, plus massive sets from even more huge names like Vampire Weekend, The 1975, Iggy Pop and The Chemical Brothers alongside DIY faves such as Demob Happy, Black Honey, and Parquet Courts, Mad Cool has once again smashed it with their lineup.

And that’s without taking the festival’s welcome party into account: Bring Me The Horizon, Metronomy, Viagra Boys and pop sensation Rosalía all play on 10th July.

We caught up with Becky from Milk Teeth to find out how they’re getting prepped.

Hello, Milk Teeth! What’s new in your world?

We are just chilling In Amsterdam eating pancakes.

You’re currently on tour with La Dispute and Petrol Girls - how is it going?

We’ve played one show so far in Luxembourg which was a lot of fun and today Petrol Girls join so we are very excited to hang with them.

La Dispute have organised for local charities at each show to represent across a whole different board of organisations and causes which is awesome. We sorted Abortion Network Amsterdam to come and represent at Melkweg, as we stayed at a house where they do a bunch of work supporting those In need of legal care where they don’t have access and laws are different such as Poland. It’s essential these women have these charities to support them at a time when they are often vulnerable and can feel isolated or trapped in a situation where they face legal consequences for making decisions about their own bodies which isn’t right or just.

Have you ever played in Spain before?

We have - in Barcelona and Madrid! The weather was great and I got given a weed leaf ring and a can of monster by a fan which was very sweet. We are excited to go back it’s been a while and the lineup for Mad Cool festival is crazy. I hope we get to watch the cure.

Mad Cool was very - very - hot last summer. How do you all deal with the heat?

Oli [Holbrook, drummer] moans a lot, I tour manage everyone shade and trees to sit under but I’m a bit of a sun worshipper and will happily lounge out in the park.

You’re also playing an Oasis cover set later this year - what are your favourite Oasis songs?

Oli: ‘Stand By Me’ for the chill vibes

Em [Foster, guitar]: ‘Champagne Supernova’ because it’s a builder and the melody is good. It’s got the emotional weight to it and is super well written.

Becky: ‘What’s The Story (Morning Glory)’ holds a place in my heart as it comes with good memories of learning guitar as a teenager with my friend who lived down the road and playing along to his mini disc player!

And do you have your parkas ready?

The parkas will be out in full force.

Mad Cool Festival takes place in Madrid, Spain from 11th-13th July.

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