Watch Brooklyn Beckham has directed the new JAWS vid

Brooklyn Beckham has directed the new JAWS vid

Yes, you read that right.

We’re sure bands get approached with weird propositions all the time after gigs, but Brooklyn Beckham going up to JAWS after one of their shows to ask if he can film their music video has got to be up there with the weirdest post-gig proposition of all time.

Falling in love with their song ‘End of the World’ after watching it live, Brooklyn approached the guys to ask if he could film the visuals, and who would say no? Shot in frontman Connor’s hometown of Coseley, just outside Wolverhampton, there’s karate, relationship drama, and a glimpse inside Connor’s parent’s house, all taking place in the black and white vid.

After that Vaccines/Kylie song the other week, we didn’t know what unexpected team-up could top it, but we think we’ve got a new contender for the collab we never knew we needed! Cheers, Brooklyn.

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