Watch Miya Folick releases the video for ‘Malibu Barbie’

Miya Folick releases the video for ‘Malibu Barbie’

It’s her first new material since last year’s debut album, ‘Premonitions’.

“‘Malibu Barbie’ is about my exploration of what being a woman means to me,” says Miya Folick, “It’s a longing for an ideal. It’s realising that I can go to an extreme in pursuit of physical perfection, look around, and realize that I haven’t changed. I am still longing and seeking something more. Who I am is not a place at which I can arrive.”

Creating a visual surrounding this idea, the brand new video (released today) shows Miya wandering around her house looking slightly exasperated with her own life, donning a blonde wig in an attempt to become the titular ‘Malibu Barbie’.

Check out the beaut video below.

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