Listen HAIM unveil new song ‘Summer Girl’

HAIM unveil new song 'Summer Girl'

It’s their first slice of new music since last year’s second album, ‘Something To Tell You’.

Woohoo, the Haim sisters are back! Sharing their first new material since last year’s sophomore album ‘Something To Tell You’, they’ve just released the sunshine-soaked ‘Summer Girl’.

“I started the song when I found out my partner had cancer,” Danielle Haim says. “I was on tour and felt like I was trying to send positive energy his way almost telepathically. Whenever I would come home in between shows I wanted to be his sunshine - his summer when he was feeling dark. His hope when he was feeling hopeless.”

They’ve also dropped the accompanying video which sees them being very-everyone-in-London-this-time-last-week and stripping off layers whilst walking around town. Unlike (hopefully) everyone in London though, they’re being low-key stalked by saxophone player. No, really.

Check it out below:

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