News Ariel Pink announces Ariel Pink Archives

Expect reissues of albums released between 1999 and 2004, with the first instalment of the series announced today!

Ever wanted to relive the albums that you used to play all the time? Well, Ariel Pink has got your back babes. Announced today, the Ariel Pink Archives will see a comprehensive series of reissues and retrospective collections focussed on his earlier music recorded as Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti.

Divided up into a series of instalments, the first was announced today including ‘Underground’, ‘Loverboy’, and ‘Odditties Vol. 2’ which will feature non-album tracks and outtakes spanning from 1999 - 2018.

With the second instalment TBC (the series looks like it will carry on into next year) and the first available from 25th October, Ariel Pink has celebrated the news by releasing the video for unreleased singles ‘Stray Here With Me’ from ‘Odditties Vol. 2’, a reworked version of ‘So Glad’ from ‘Loverboy’ and a ten minute video called ‘Chapter 8: Some Tutorials’.

Check ‘em out below.


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